Healing Through Self Care – Part 1

Welcome to the latest post in my series called Taking Flight. I have called it that because there have been so many things I have learned from and since our losses that I feel like my life has just begun to take flight in a way that I never thought possible. Certainly I never imagined it … Continue reading Healing Through Self Care – Part 1


School Supplies

This is our first full year homeschooling. I used to be a middle and high school science and French teacher, and the first time I gave homeschool a try, I attempted to set up our home like a classroom and do what I knew how to do. But my little learners to not do well in … Continue reading School Supplies

Protecting Your Heart with Family and Friends

Welcome to the first post in my new Taking Flight series! This is one I'm also sharing in the UPLIFT event on facebook, offering encouragement, inspiration, and healing for the holidays. The timing of this post is no coincidence. As we in the United States are nearing our annual Thanksgiving celebration, it is also a season when some … Continue reading Protecting Your Heart with Family and Friends