Want to do a Bible study?

So, chaos. Folks, it is just everywhere around me these days and I am working hard to embrace it. We had an amazing summer. Truly, the best one we’ve ever had as a family, I think. Some combination of our new home,   the garden, the chickens (we love having chickens!), the lake nearby, and the ages of our kids just made it a magical time … Continue reading Want to do a Bible study?

Bread baking

As part of our “Adult Skills” lessons for homeschool, we have baked a few things together, including loaves of basic bread adapted from this recipe.  I intend to teach them to master some baking recipes, as well as cooking a few basic meals, laundry, cleaning, knitting, ironing, sewing, and balancing a checkbook – all as part of life skills that they will need as they grow. … Continue reading Bread baking